Solve problems with the law of attraction

The law of attraction states that your thoughts create your outer reality. Everything and everyone in your experience are created by your thoughts. So there is not a problem in your outer reality ever. No matter what challenge you might be facing in the 3D world, it is not a problem. The only problem you will ever face in your life is the problem of thinking about something you do not want to experience in the future.

You create your future experience with your current thoughts. No matter what is happening in the outside world, you do not need to move it forward into your future. You perpetuate what appears to be a problem in your outside world by choosing to think about it.

Imagine the problem like a suitcase. It appears in your outer reality. You have two choices. You can either pick it up and carry it with you or you can just let it go and move on. If you keep moving forward, which you always are, that suitcase will soon be out of sight. In this analogy, you pick the unwanted suitcase and carry it with you in your journey by thinking about it.

Your thoughts create your future outer world. So, if the unwanted challenge appears and you think about it and complain about it, you pick the unwanted suitcase and push it forward into your future. The solution is very easy. You can say to yourself that the only problem you will ever experience is the problem of thinking about something you do not want to experience in the future.

You decide that, no matter how bad the suitcase seems, you will not pick it up. You will not think about it, not write in your Journal about it or talk to others about it. It came across your path from your past experiences. You are currently moving in your journey, so at some point the unwanted suitcase will not be in your outer reality. All you need to do is not pick it up.

Since your thoughts create your reality, you can even decide to be free from the problem by affirming the opposite of the problem. You can write down exactly what the problem is. Obviously you do need at first to take a look at the problem and write down all of its components. Then you create affirmations stating the exact opposite of what you wrote. You can repeat these affirmations during the day. You can write them down multiple times what you wake up or before going to bed.

The 3D world has a simple trick to make you think in certain ways and thus perpetuate your unwanted circumstances. It uses your emotions. Other people or situations in your outer reality will cause you negative emotions. These emotions will ‘invite’ the unwanted thoughts. Then it becomes a problem. You can however allow the emotions, no matter how horrible they may feel, to just be there in your body. You can observe your emotions and allow them to dissipate.

For example, if it’s anger that triggers your unwanted thoughts, put your attention on your body and acknowledge that you are feeling angry. Tell yourself that it is fine to feel that way. You don’t need to express it. Just allow the anger to be there and observe it. Imagine it is your friend. Let it stay there in your body as much as it wants.

You do however need to keep your thoughts in check during these times. No matter how you feel, your thoughts need to always state what you want to experience in the future. This is the process. If you allow yourself to feel the emotion and do not think about the unwanted situation, it is not a problem. Because as we defined it, a problem is only a thought you allow yourself to think that is not something you want to experience.

So what to do with the unwanted thoughts. You can replace them with affirmations that state the opposite. Or you can just let them go. You can create a small mantra such as ‘Everything is fine’ and you can think about that mantra everytime your mind starts having thoughts about the unwanted situation. If you are religious, you can use a small prayer, or simply think about God.

A key practice to all of this is awareness. You need to be aware of what thoughts come into your mind all the time. It is a skill you need to master with time. A good practice is to start meditation for at least 15 minutes daily. During the meditation, you simply focus on observing your thoughts and letting them go. You do not engage with them. You simply observe and let them come and go. This will help you always keep your thoughts aligned towards what you want to experience, no matter what is happening in your outer reality.

If every time the unwanted situation shows up, you are dedicated at not allowing the unwanted thoughts in your mind associated with that thing dwell in your mind, no matter what shows up, it is not a problem. Because by not allowing yourself to think about it, you are letting the unwanted situation go. With time, if you are dedicated and strict with this practice, the unwanted situation, no matter what it is, will stop appearing in your outer reality.

I’m sharing ideas concerning the law of attraction and how to use it to master your mind, overcome challenges and create your ideal life.